I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by Mickey so here’s my answers:

Four of my favourite jobs:
1. Apprentice cabinet maker (for my dad!)
2. Legal Secretary
3. Retail Assistant
4. A Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.( SAHM, lol!)

Four of my favourite local places:
1. Our farm
2. Maidenwell Pub
3. Bunya Mountains
4. Toowoomba shops

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Strawberries
2. Chocolate (who doesn’t!!)
3. Rum & coke (it’s a food….c’mon!!)
4. A perfectly cooked Rib Fillet from our grain fed steers!! (Mmmm….I can smell it now!!)

Four of my favourite places in Australia:
1. Brisbane - gotta love the shops there
2. Toowoomba - ditto
3. Caloundra - our holiday spot
4. WhitSundays - no explanation needed!!

Now for who I tag:
1. Toni C
2. Kylie F
3. Tatum W
4. Tammy T

Which brings me to my day 11 photo. I am really late for an appointment, so i gotta go!!

See ya



Micaela said...

Hey gorgeous, wow I had a few posts to catch up on, you've been a busy girl!

I just got back from the bay tonight, yep I stayed with Erin, had lots of fun (I'll put some pics on bebo)

So the boys got to go to state of origin, lucky things! Pity we didn't win :(

Liked your answers ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Char :D
I have just updated my blog with your tag questions :D
Take care

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