Just wanted to share these..........

....pics i took today

I was itching to take some photos today for some reason......so with my willing model, beautiful, beautiful weather and my trusty camera - we went outside and got some nice photo's!!

And then i had a bit of a play with them on the 'puter and this is how a few of them turned out!!

I am just loving the faded look at the moment (and B&W - always a fave!!)


Leanne said...

Wow!!! what more can I say other than these are fabulous. Love how you have altered the colours. Are you using photoshop full version or the elements?
Love your blog honey
Leanne x x x

Roz said...

Char these pics are amazing! I really love how you've edited them- please tell me how you get that gorgeous 'faded but still with colour and crispness' look!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Roz, I wanted to know how you do that to your pics. I have elements 4 and PS2 but wouldnt have a clue! Please please please tell us! They are such beautiful pics!
Tara xx

Micaela said...

Awww, you're too clever!!
Love the desaturated pics!

GUESS WHAT! I got my tax return back & I'm gonna take the plunge and get my first digital SLR! WOOHOO!

When are you coming up to vist & teach me how to use it?? LOL

Mic xx

Anonymous said...

Really cool pics Char. I love to desaturate my photos too. It just adds a whole new interesting look to them I think.

Lisa Renéa said...

Your photos are downright fabulous!

senovia said...

Those are GORGEOUS portraits! Great job!

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