The Kids Got a Surprise...............

Yep..........we got the kids a *BIG* surprise this weekend. We have been keeping this a secret for a while (well, until it got delivered, anyway!) A four-wheel motorbike!!!!!!

We were all down at the shed, and Grandad told Jackson to go and get a couple of lollies out the fridge.......little did he know that when he opened the door to the shed.....inside, waiting, was the motorbike!!!!

I managed to get a shot of Jackson's face when he realised what was happening>>>>

The look on his face was just priceless!!

So, then, all afternoon, we were playing with the NEW bike!! I even got on - but i WON"T show you those pics, LOL!!!


Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

Oh Wow! How good is that Char? A toy for all ages.

Leanne said...

how awesome is that. I love motorbikes. They are so much fun
Leanne x x x

Micaela said...

Oh how cute...I bet they LOVE it! I see another big kid is enjoying it too ;)

Julie-Anne said...

Fantastic, I bet the kids / as well as the big one loved it. That will create many hours of fun time for them. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Cheryl ( scrapboxx} said...

GREAT photos, looks like lots of fun !!!
I especially love the look on Jackson's face , just pure delight , he is beaming from ear to ear !!!

Cheryl :)

Mardi said...

Hi Char... love these actions shots on the new bike...I an imagine the kids just LOVE it!!
Mardi x

Sarah said...

You won't regret boys love theirs!!!

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