The Kids Got a Surprise...............

Yep..........we got the kids a *BIG* surprise this weekend. We have been keeping this a secret for a while (well, until it got delivered, anyway!) A four-wheel motorbike!!!!!!

We were all down at the shed, and Grandad told Jackson to go and get a couple of lollies out the fridge.......little did he know that when he opened the door to the shed.....inside, waiting, was the motorbike!!!!

I managed to get a shot of Jackson's face when he realised what was happening>>>>

The look on his face was just priceless!!

So, then, all afternoon, we were playing with the NEW bike!! I even got on - but i WON"T show you those pics, LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! How good is that Char? A toy for all ages.

Leanne said...

how awesome is that. I love motorbikes. They are so much fun
Leanne x x x

Micaela said...

Oh how cute...I bet they LOVE it! I see another big kid is enjoying it too ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I bet the kids / as well as the big one loved it. That will create many hours of fun time for them. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

GREAT photos, looks like lots of fun !!!
I especially love the look on Jackson's face , just pure delight , he is beaming from ear to ear !!!

Cheryl :)

Mardi said...

Hi Char... love these actions shots on the new bike...I an imagine the kids just LOVE it!!
Mardi x

Sarah said...

You won't regret boys love theirs!!!

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