i come........YAY!!!

Well i am going to visit by bestest friend Sall tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. I haven't been down to see here for such a long time. We are going to do heaps of girly things.

Shopping.......movies...........a few drinkies!!!

Oh and i want to say a HUGE hello to my gorgeous s-i-l Miss (julie-anne). .......*waving*........She lives over in Pommy land and has finally found my blog. Love you girl!!

Here's a piccy of Foots and Miss (our nicknames for them):>>>

I will tell you my good news on the next post, promise!!



Peta G said...

That is so unfair about your farm!!
Grrrrrr ... bunch of b......!!!
Look forward to hearing your good news!!

Ali :-) said...

Have an AWESOME time on the weekend, mate!!! Make the most of your 'girly' time!!!

And bloody hell you're a tease!!! Just tell us already!!! I wanna know!!!!!

Take care, mate!!!
Ali :o) xoxo

Sharon said...

Hi Char, my name is Sharon Suchoronczak and I live in Murgon. Zenia (caught the bug) told me about your work and that you were a member of the Scrapboxx. I think I remember you from Embellished (you are friends with Mickey) I don't visit there much anymore nor scrapboxx either. I am a DT now for a new site so that keeps me busy. Hope to see more of your work soon.


Kylie said...

So sad to hear about your property Char....hopefully you can beat the buggers! one way or another...LOL

Come on spill the beans!I know I could do with hearing some good news :)

Love those pics of Ebony too cute, Lovely family pic & glad your little kitty is home safe....phew Hope I didnt miss anything.
Take care Char

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