There's a Flu Epidemic......

.....going thru our school!! Jackson's class (which is grade 2-4 combined) has 24 kids and and the last few days it has got down to about 11. So i have just been waiting for my kids to get it.

I hear on the news last night there's a flue epidemic in Sth East Qld. And yesterday afternoon, Jackson was unusually quiet. He didn't even feel like kicking his footy around outside like he does every day. Then last night....its started. Fever and coughing all night. But this morning, he wasn't too bad!

I sent him to school, and i am expecting a call to come and get him, but so far, nothing.

Other news:

The four of us were in the paper yesterday. Well its actually going to be in 3 papers!! The Toowoomba Chronicle, South Burnett Times and The Qld Country Life.

Our property, we have been told, is going to have a whopping great big coal conveyor belt going straight thru the middle. As we have no rights to our own land.........thats right, the government has told us we can't say no..............hubby is trying to cause as much ruckus as he can with all the papers, local members of parliament, radios, tv, you name it!!

Trouble can say as much as you want, till your blue in the face, and the flamin' govt don't give a damn! But at least, we are NOT going down quietly!! Watch out!!

Here's the photo of us:>>

Well........thats my gripe for the day

Next time, i will have some good news............make that some great news.............fantastic even.,lol!!



Anonymous said...

Thats No Good!
I hope you can get it stopped some how....
Beautiful Pic though!
Hope you are all going well

Ali :-) said...

Far out, mate - doesn't that give you the freaking shits... grrrrrrrrrr

Will be crossing my fingers that *something* can be done!

Great piccie of you guys!!!

And can't wait to hear about your exciting news!!! :o)

Ali :o) xoxoxo

kerenphotography said...

Hi Guy, I hope you will have the same happy ending like in the movie The Castle, Like the other I;m keeping my fingers cross. Keren

Anonymous said...

Government don't you just want to........

Don't leave me in the loop, would like to hear the exciting news, hope it is you are coming to visit!!

Miss you.

Missy xxoox

Micaela said...

Darryl make a ruckus? I would never have guessed... :)

That really sucks Char...hope it works out ok.

Can't wait til you can let ur news out of the bag you lucky girl you ;)

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