A Long Weekend!!

We are off to Bris tomorrow morning for the long weekend. Monday is a public holiday here......for the Ekka.......so we are going to visit family and then we are going to take the kids to Seaworld, which should be a tad better than going to the Ekka with all this Flu around!!

Not too much to report, although:

* Jackson went to the South Burnett Zone athletics carnival yesterday. He was very excited about running..........although he is still not over the flu, he still wanted to go!! He came 4th.....and he was happy with that.

* Ebony has had high fevers the last few days.........so we have been keeping a close eye on her. And not getting much sleep in the process!!

* Darryl was an auctioneer the other day at a clearing sale. He's pretty good at it too!!!! Hup.....40 bid, 40 bid, 40 bid....lol!!

* And i went to the hairdressers for a bit of pampering and foils. Aaaaahhh!! I just feel so much better when my hair is nice!! Here's me, (i straightened it too....I LOVE my GHD straightener!!) having a bit of a Pocahontas moment, lol!!

Anyway.....hope you have a great weekend



Anonymous said...

Very noice Char! Love the colour of the foils. I hope your DD is feeling better soon. It's not nice having sick kids :( poor little mite.
Congrats to your son coming 4 and with just getting over the flu!! He is a champion :D
Have fun over the LWE
Take care

Toni said...

very nice hair Char... wish I had the courage to do something like that... lol

Hope Ebony is better and you all enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend Char

Anonymous said...

Love your hair, looks gorgeous... Hope you all have/had a great time at Brisbane and a fab time at Seaworld and enjoyed all the rides and hopefully the Jacks & Ebbs were feeling better.

Luv Miss

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