Wayne and Selby....

I photographed Wayne and Selby's wedding on the weekend....Here's a couple of pics......

It was a lovely wedding, and the weather was just glorious at Caloundra!!

Jackson has been practising for his soccer finals.......he's plays today, so fingers crossed!!

School holidays this weekend.......so i guess not much work will be getting done in the next couple of weeks, lol!! Will be trying to keep the kids entertained!! Hopefully my nephew, Calypso will be coming up to stay......the kids just love having him stay here!!

With the warmer weather, brings lots of weeds, planting and mowing.....which i really love......mmmm, the smell of freshly cut grass.....weird, i know, lol!!

Oh and i have to tell you we got some good news regarding the Coal Conveyor Belt that was in the process of coming through our land - ITS NOT NOW!!!!!! Needless to say we are VERY happy about that.......

So now, that we don't have to move, i have a list of things i want to get done around the house...ie, painting, putting a deck on...... thats just for starters!!

Anyway, got tons to do


Anonymous said...

Cute idea for a pic using the rings and the hand prints!! Hope you have better luck getting a deck built than I have had so far!!
Tara (tarzy)

Micaela said...

Hi Char...thanks so much for sharing the pics of Selby's wedding!! Can you please email me some more, or post them on bebo? I'd love to see them!

Glad to hear about the conveyer belt, woohoo for you!!

Megan said...

Hi Char,

Thought I'd pop in to say hello :-)

The photos you have taken of your friend's wedding are gorgeous - I love the handprints one!

Have a great week, and that is wonderful news that you don't have to move!

Megan xx

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