An Ode to Jess.......

Well our dog Jess is no longer with us......she passed away yesterday (thankfully while the kids were up at Grandma's place!!

Actually, they still don't know........i haven't been able to bring myself to tell them.......I am just waiting till they ask where she is!!

I is terrible.......but sometimes she goes AWOL and DH and I agreed to say we are not sure where she is (well I AM telling the truth.......i really don't know where DH put her......i didn't want to know!!)

Is that bad or not??......i don't know.......but, man, i have never had to tell them before anything like this.

So far, they haven't asked.......

It won't be long tho..........


Micaela said...

Oh dear Char...hugs to you and the kids (when they find out!)

I know the feeling, well kinda, Lucy was sick last week and we totally freaked out. She seems to be getting better now though.

Hope your week improves.
Love, Micaela xx

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your loss Char. It's always so hard when you lose a family pet...our dog died last year but the kids were there and said goodbye themselves. I was an absolute mess!!

Good luck with telling the kids ...they'll be ok in a day!!!!

Elise x

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear that Char!! I know exactly what losing a pet is like - especially hard when they are just one of the family.

*hugs* to all

Nikki (Scrapboxx)

Anonymous said...

Big hugs to you gorgeous and the kids when they find out, it sure is hard to lose a much loved family pet and it is even harder telling the kids knowing how upset they will be, so just do it in your own time matey, you'll know when the time is right.

take care gorgeous girl
Love Jodes

Donna said...

Hey Beautiful.. So sad to hear this.. It is not easy is it.. You will know what to say when the time comes darl.. Big hugs to you and the kids. Wish I could be there to give you one in person..

Luv Donna xx

Anonymous said...

Oh No Char! That's so sad. I know how awful it is to loose a family pet. The kids will be sad, but they'll be ok. Kids seem to accept that kind of thing much bettr than adults. All the best to you. We'll speak soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, first Wally and now Jess it must have been a sad day. Thinking of you.

Julie-Anne xox

Anonymous said...

Sad to read that you have lost a 4 legged family member .... we lost our boxer earlier this year ... the kids were sad but now they talk about him being in heaven ... we all missed him dearly and just had to get another dog ... good luck telling the kids.

kerenphotography said...

So Sorry to hear about your dog Jess, she was lovely dog, I know how its feel as we still hart- acing for lossing our dog Tuffy even 2 years she has pass away, hope you all have a hug and go and get yourself anther "child" to the family.

Angela said...

Hey Char!

So sorry to hear about this Hon, Hugs and positive energy coming your way.

Angie x o

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