A little pressie for my Ma and Pa

It was mum and dad's anniversary last month.....so i made them this album that i got from a shopping expedition in Bris.
I had such a ball creating this (and it was also great using up a heap of leftover supplies too......added bonus, lol!!).
It has a double page for each month of next year with a photo on one side and the month on the other with enough room to write in the little boxes.
Well i gave it to mum and dad when we went out for tea to celebrate their anniversary.....and they absolutely loved it......well, mum did....you know what men are like, lol!! (DAD - "yeah its great Char", in his not so enthusiastic voice!!!)

In other news.....we have just come back from a weeks holiday at the Sunshine Coast......a much needed break and also as a promise to Jackson as we didn't allow him to go on School Camp this year (because they didn't want us parents to go this time.......and he is still only just 7!!) We all had a lovely time......swimming, playing tennis, eating, mini golf, eating.......oh and did i say eating, lol!! Oh and lots of cocktails by the pool.......AAaaaahhh!!!

I will post some pics when i get a chance to edit them

Thats is for now........

Oh i thought i better say too that the kids now realise that Jess isn't coming back.....and they are ok with that.......but now the cat is missing since we have gone away (there are alot of dingoes around here at the moment......so its' not looking good!!)

So we might be in for a couple of new pets........



Anonymous said...

That book is gorgeous. Glad to hear you had a great holiday. We just got back from the gold coast today. It was really relaxing but I do love coming home. If you ever take a trip to Brissie - give me a call, I'd love to catch up. Hope the cat shows up.

Donna said...

Hey Char, Love the book.. Just got back from Noosa today.. Hope the cat has arrved home!
Chat Soon Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a relaxing week Char ....sounds like you deserve it!! Glad the kids were ok about Jess but oh no! about the cat !! Hope it turns up !!!

Elise x

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