I need your help........

I put this photo into a competition online......and i didn't realise that you had to get votes for it to win.......
Sooooooo......i was wondering if you can......or want to .......vote, i would be really appreciative!!
If i knew that was the case.....of voting, i mean......i wouldn't have done it!!..... I don't like asking friends to do this normally!!
Thanks heaps!!


Anonymous said...

I voted a few times Char !!!! Good luck!!!

Elise x

Donna said...

I voted too Char.. and called on a few frinds for ya too girl! love that photo.

Luv Donna xx

Anonymous said...

I voted for you without hesitation. I love all your photos and the one you have entered in this competition looks wonderful.

I hope you don't mind but I entered that competition as well. I couldn't resist the chance of winning $10,000.

I entered one of the photos I took of Daisy our new kitten If I win I will split the money with you since it was you who pointed me in the right direction of entering in the first place, thanks.

Have a great week and take care. Love from Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx xxoo

PS: Thanks for your nice comments on my photos in flickr. I've been very good this week end and not spent too long surfing that web site. I've been trying to actually get some housework and scrapping done instead......lol.

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