A New Obsession.......

Well...... I have a new obsession.......and its called Flickr!!

The talent of the photographers on this site are seriously AMAZING!! I have been pouring over the endless photo's, getting heaps and heaps of inspiration.

Here's a couple of pics from down the paddock!

Which has now also inspired me to buy more lenses for my camera.......Yep -another expensive hobby, lol!!

We've also had my nephew Calypso up here during the school holidays.......so its been hectic keeping up with the three kids......but fun too!

It also means lots of photo's......and the kids groaning, "Not again, Mum!!"

But does it look like I'm fazed.......ummm, NO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough I just updated my blog (which is located on the Scrapboxx web site if you ever want to read it) and mentioned my latest addiction is flickr.

It's a wonderful web site isn't it. I can't stop looking and admiring the millions of brilliant photos there. I've stayed up late every night this week searching flickr....lol

I love your photos here. The blue of your daughters eyes in that last photo looks amazing and I love the flower in her hair.

Have a great week end. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Char!

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