Warning: Cluckiness will result from these photo's...Kingaroy Childrens Photographer :)

Photographing little Emily was just delightful.....she is a GORGEOUS little thing and was such a pleasure to photograph.....and hold....She's so tiny and delicate!!

Also....this is my 100th post.....YAY....THANKS so much for coming to visit on my blog and leaving comments....I love receiving your comments and hope you have enjoyed everything so far!!

I'm also thinking of having a little competition on the next post as a thank you..... so keep posted ;o)


Cass & Co said...

You are so right, I'm clucking away (with a 5 month old asleep in my arms LOL!!). These are just beautiful Char!! Stunning!! I love that first one in particular.
Cass xoxo

Anonymous said...

these are so gorgeous!!! what a cutie..lovely!

Tam said...

Oh my...that is adorable Char..so tiny..and pink...lol

Love seeing your gorgeous pics, thanks for the update :)

Elise said...

Just stunning Char!!! But nope no cluckiness here !!! (Held a newborn today and all it did was scream!!!!) LOL!!!!

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous baby!

Donna said...

Just toooo gorgeous.. you are doing such beautiful work girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Charmaine these are absolutely beautiful, I love the one with the beanie...... so cute. But sorry no affect I am afraid!!!

Anonymous said...

they are all gorgeous. I bet your friend loves them.

Micaela said...

Grrrreat, like i really needed help in the cluckiness department! HA!

They are gooooorgeous Char! xx

Kirsty said...

oh man!! Clucky indeed! What a little doll!


You already know how much I love these!
Her mum will be so happy.

tash said...

great photos, i love the first one,
the best baby photo iv seen!!

Tammy Templeton said...

You are correct!! bing, bing, bing..Oh shhhhh LOL
Char she is a little cutie pie & and could imagine how wonderful it was to play around taking photo's of her.
Totally adorable and your photo's are stunning hun.
TFS :0)

jakey said...

Aw... just stumbled across your blog and saw those pics! How adorable! I can feel a bit of cluckiness coming over me.... ;-)

I shouldn't have looked!!!!

jk x

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I read the title but I still couldn't help myself! And here I am *cluck cluck*
Really gorgeous photos of a really gorgeous baby, you've captured the essence of a newborn beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Awww.... just gorgeous!

Yes... clunkiness has kicked in!

Katie [shadowplay]

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