Fallon's Maternity Shoot....Kingaroy Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this special time in Dan and Fallon's life...the pregancy of their second baby....

Isn't she beautiful... just glowing!!

Thanks so much Fallon ...I can't wait to meet your new bub soon :)


First day of School '09

Six weeks have flown by and its now back to school here. The kids were so keen to get back, which is a relief. My DS started Year 4 and my baby started grade 1 :(

She just looks so little...with that HUGE bag, lol!

I hope you all had a great summer holiday...and now enjoy the peace and quiet - and a clean house - that only school days bring ;-)

***A special hello to Leon and Gina...love you guys!!


Vege Garden Update
Anyone want some?? We have eaten SOOooo much lettuce lately....Its amazing looking back at what we planted ...and to look at them now. Nature is a beautiful thing!!

Except for these...grr!

Portrait Slideshow.....

Here is a slideshow i have created to showcase some of my favourite portraits over the last few months. Make sure you have the sound on :)


So far, so good...

So far, the holidays have been pretty cruisy...the kids have had lots of sleep-overs at their grandparents houses and cousins as well...they've been to kids parties...they've had a camping trip, made a vege garden (pics soon to come)....
Christmas day we went up to the Bunya Mountains for a picnic/bbq which was nice for a change of scenery...it was so beautiful and green!

Ebony has also found my old camera and has decided she is now going to be a photographer like her mum and has even called herself EOP - Ebony Otto Photography, lol!!

She wanted some photo's of herself, so who am i to say no to a budding photographer :p>>>>>

Styling: E. Otto

Posing: E. Otto

She's taken nearly 100 photo's of things around the farm...i must say she is REALLY good...She even took a photo of me on "her" camera....and its not half bad (even tho i DO hate photo's of myself!!)

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