Darryl and Hayley's Engagement Session - South Burnett/Kingaroy Wedding Photographer

Driving out to Darryl's property, I knew we were going to have some amazing light. And it didn't disappoint. The soft, rich glow of the late afternoon sun was just perfect!

We even had some of the locals come and watch us. They were the biggest stickybeaks and didn't mind being in a few shots themselves! :)

Now, see these two rings. Darryl actually MADE the ring on the left out of fencing wire and pliers...before giving Hayley the "real" one... Aren't they awesome!!

And as usual, a shoot isn't complete without the amazing old sheds and buildings that are scattered on these farms. I LOVE them!!

Thanks Darryl and Hayley. Hope you had as much fun as I did! :)


soniamacak said...

i love the fence wire ring and of course your pictures Char :)

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Charmaine - and I adore that ring he made for his bride to be....I'd wear that one alongside the real one :-) Simone Carter

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