Dollcake Childrens Clothing Commercial Photoshoot - Commercial Photography

For months now I've had to keep these images that I photographed a secret, until the absolutely STUNNING designs by the HUGELY talented Christina from Dollcake released them to the public. To say these GORGEOUS clothes are every little girls dream is a massive understatement!
The amount of work and talent that goes into making them...well, lets just say a computer screen certainly does not do them justice!! They are just EXQUISITE!!

I'm so excited to be able to finally share this range and the stunning little girls Allee, Elodee, Lollie and Taylee who so beautifully modelled them for us.

If you have a little girl and would love these UNIQUELY STUNNING outfits then head on over to the Dollcake website and order them NOW!!

To check more of them out go here>>> DOLLCAKE Childrens Clothing 


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hayley said...

These photos are just exquisite Char! What beautiful clothing! I have just photographed my 20 month old niece in a Dollcake outfit...oh so cute!
Your work is sublime.

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