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Recently I watched an online course and it stressed the importance of BEING IN photographs with your family.  Not just getting images of the kids all the time.
Being a photographer, I am terribly guilty of always being behind the camera.  I am constantly taking photos of my children, but try and get someone to take a photo of me and I cringe at the thought!   I try to justify it by saying, "oh I will, when I lose some more weight/get new clothes/dye my hair (whatever other excuse I can think of!)

But I've also seen, from my own clients, that when a loved one has sadly passed away, they struggle to find many photographs of them.

We need to EXIST in photos's with our children

So, I am going to be taking this advice myself and getting our family portraits done.
My kids love me no matter what my hair looks like, no matter how much I weigh etc.. They don't see our flaws.  They love us exactly how we are, and that is all that matters.  It is important for them to have images of US.


So here is a gorgeous little growing family that was so much fun to photograph. All together. Dad, Mum, Daughter, and baby-to-come :))
Oh, and grandad & grandma too!


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