DIY Backdrop

So I have been wanting to have a go at painting my own backdrop for a while, and I finally got around to doing it!
It cost around $100 for the materials:
canvas (rubber backed - hardware store)
undercoat - to seal the material and make it easier to blend top coat paint
top coats - 2-3 colours (I used 2) Elephant Run by Brisitsh Paints was the darker..a creamy colour for the lighter
sea sponge
masking tape
old newspaper
Although I underestimated how long it would take (also running out of paint near the end!), it was kinda therapeutic and very rewarding :) I'm super happy with the results too and can't wait to use it more! 
And because both my children are home on school holidays, they were able to *model in front of it for me!
*after MUCH bribing ;-)

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