A Weekend at Roma........

Our trip out to Roma was so much fun. We went out for the Spirit of the Bush Concert - which was to raise money and awareness for drought afftected farmers. Lee Kernaghan was the main drawcard but there was also Steve Ford, Adam Brand, Leo Sayer, Sunny Cowgirls, and a few other country singers.

It was a fantastic concert. The kids absolutely loved it.....this is their second time to one of Lee's concerts......our 13th.....and we LOVE it every time we see him!! He puts on such an awesome show every single time too!!

What made it even better was that we got to MEET Lee - in person - out the back in the VIP section........its WHO you know, you know, lol!! (We have a friend who is a friend of Lee's!) So that topped off a great day for us!!

Here's Darryl and Lee.....chatting like they were best buddies, lol!!

Jackson got his hat signed and Ebs got two hugs from Lee so they were both sooooo stoked about all that!!

We also got to meet Leo Sayer (man, he's got some hair on HIM!!) but we just missed out on Adam Brand as he had to rush onto the stage for his bit (damn!!)

After the concert, our friend (who is Lee's friend) told us there was an after party at one of the pubs in town.......so we couldn't pass THAT up!! The kids were taken home to bed (thanks Sonya and Ang) and the rest of us partied on till the wee hours with the celebs!! Haven't done THAT for a while either.......I'm still trying to catch up on lost sleep, lol!!

Roma is a nice town (there's a nice winery too!!).....but a bit too far out for my liking!! And HOT!! And toooo many flamin' flies!! Darryl loved it.....i knew he would!!

Congrats LEEANN!!!!!!!

Well i just wanted to say a


to Leeann Pearce on becoming the NEW DESIGN TEAM MEMBER at Scrapboxx This girl's work is seriously amazing!! She is soooooo inspirational and she will be a definitely be a valued member at Scrapboxx.......I am looking forward to working with you Leeann.....Woooohoooo!!


Not Much to Tell.....

Well i haven't blogged for a little while cause i haven't really got much to tell.......

I haven't been anywhere too exciting......or done anything too exciting either!! How boring is THAT!!

I HAVE been checking out the talent that is in the gallery at Scrapboxx lately though!! With the search for a new DT Member, it really has brought out the BEST in everyone......which is great for the rest of because we get to see all the fantastic eye candy!!.......and get lots of inspiration too!!

So good luck to all the girls entering.......cause soon you'll get to be working with THE best DT in the country........well, ok, i am slightly biased, lol!!!

Oh, and the Scrapboxx Retreat 2008 is open for bookings too!! I am crossing my fingers that i can go...........just waiting on the ok from hubby!!

I had the opportunity in the last Scrapboxx newsletter of a photo swap with the ever gorgeous and talented Erica Glover.......we had to scrap each others photo's.......

Well i tell you, it is SO hard to scrap someone elses photo!! At least if its your own it doesn't really matter if it turns out crap........but for someone else......especially for someone like
THE Erica Glover......you want it to be pretty much perfect!!! So here's what i did with her photo of her son Josh>>>

She scrapped a photo of Ebony....which of course is just FANTASTIC......

I think i got the better end of the deal.....thanks heaps Erica!!


In the Mood to Share........

I wanted to get some photo's of Jackson....now that he has just turned 7....oh man, he is growing...he has even grown in centimetres (which he is MORE excited about, lol!) He is the smallest in his class and most of the Prep kids are taller than him, so he loves it when the wall chart shows he has grown even 1 cm!! But what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in brains!!

Just look at him.........how GORGEOUS are those freckles!! I LOVE you Jackson!!

And not to be left out of getting a photo, is Miss Poser herself!!

She wanted to get dressed in her ballerina tu tu and get some photo's too!! And she wanted to wear her top that she says, "shows my skin", lol!! Look out in about 10 years time!!

Oh and i also wanted to share with you my LO using the new Book of Me Kit from Scrapboxx.......the pp's in this are sooooooo gorgeous........

Its not very often Darryl and I get a photo together, so i thought i had better do a LO with it, lol!!

And also this LO from the weekly challenge at Scrapboxx - "Old Photo's"

It is my mum when she was 12 or 13.......she was bridesmaid for her brothers wedding......Isn't she just beautiful.......I LOVE this photo of her!!

Well, its a lazy HOT Saturday afternoon here.......i think i might go and have a snooze, lol!!


I Finally Have a Minute........

These school holidays have just flown by!! I have had my nephew Calypso up here for most of the holidays and he has gone home today.....which is always sad......we love having him here!! You can sure tell the difference by having another child around tho!!

Here's a couple of pics of the three kids........they just love each other soooo much!!

We also had a kids party on Monday........23 kids and 14 mum's!! I don't think i will be doing THAT again for a while tho!!

Don't get me wrong.....it was a great day......but by the end of it.......i was absolutely exhausted!! Still am.......i think i need 3 days to get over it, lol!! Oh and i never even got ONE photo.....that's how busy i was.....that is DEFINITELY NOT like me to not get a photo!!
So, only another few days and the kids will be back at school. Back to the grind. Back to packing lunches. Back to normal, lol!!

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