Australian Professional Photography Awards 2013

I just returned home from the annual Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) held in Melbourne, where hundreds of my good friends and colleagues watch nervously as our images get judged by a panel of experts and given a score out of 100.
For weeks, and sometimes months, we agonize over choosing which images to enter, pour our heart and soul into them, refine them, then refine them some more to make them perfect. The whole process is stressful (as all my photographer friends will attest to!) but it really pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you grow and better yourself each year...

 For me, it's the highlight of my working year, a time to catch up with my beautiful friends, my photography family, meet new ones, learn and be completely inspired!
It was my goal at this years awards to better myself from last year and I did that by being awarded a SILVER WITH DISTINCTION award for a portrait (see below) that is my most precious image I have taken to date. Of my two beautiful children. That to me is worth more than all the golds in the world.
I also received 2 Bronzes - one point away from Silver for the portrait of the cute little boy and baby below. 
So thank you APPA and Melbourne for yet another amazing year. Til next time xx

Styled Family Portraits - Family Photographer Kingaroy & South Burnett

I'm always humbled and honoured to be asked to photograph other photographers and their families. Nita, a photographer herself, asked if I could capture some images of her beautiful girls for her.
Being a photographer who constantly takes photos of my own children, I know how hard it is to get GOOD images of my own children.  They kinda become immune to seeing our cameras every day and its the LAST thing they want to do, lol

But these girls were so good and definitely knew what they were doing...and how GORGEOUS are they!
Styling them and our whole shoot today with these gorgeous dresses was Jodi from Looking Lush who did a fabulous job with all the cute props as well. So, if you're looking for a stylist for your next shoot, definitely give Jodi a call!  She is amazing and so very creative!

Keep an eye out for more images soon. Seriously gorgeous stuff!
Thank you so much for the privilege of capturing your girls Nita, hope you like them x

Existing in Family Photos - Family Portraits Kingaroy

Recently I watched an online course and it stressed the importance of BEING IN photographs with your family.  Not just getting images of the kids all the time.
Being a photographer, I am terribly guilty of always being behind the camera.  I am constantly taking photos of my children, but try and get someone to take a photo of me and I cringe at the thought!   I try to justify it by saying, "oh I will, when I lose some more weight/get new clothes/dye my hair (whatever other excuse I can think of!)

But I've also seen, from my own clients, that when a loved one has sadly passed away, they struggle to find many photographs of them.

We need to EXIST in photos's with our children

So, I am going to be taking this advice myself and getting our family portraits done.
My kids love me no matter what my hair looks like, no matter how much I weigh etc.. They don't see our flaws.  They love us exactly how we are, and that is all that matters.  It is important for them to have images of US.


So here is a gorgeous little growing family that was so much fun to photograph. All together. Dad, Mum, Daughter, and baby-to-come :))
Oh, and grandad & grandma too!


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