Chelsea....Kingaroy/South Burnett Portrait Photographer

My cousin Chelsea. 14. Gorgeous. Inside...and out.

And soooooo photogenic.

Check these beautiful images of her. She is simply stunning!!

I hope you enjoy them much as I enjoyed capturing your beautiful self...


A personal post...

I don't know about you, but you know that feeling...the overwhelming feeling... of NEEDING to go out and just take photo's. Maybe it's a photographer thing I don't know, but I get it quite often. And anything or anyone that happens to be near me instantly becomes my target! ;-)

Its been a little while since I've posted any personal photo's. So I thought I'd share some images of my beautiful sister and her boy that happened to be around just when I needed them! :)

Both so very photogenic, they were the perfect models for me...

Shae & Josh - Engagement photoshoot

A recent engagement session with Shae and Josh saw us in the small country town of Wooroolin. We found some great spots for photo's...namely this great old shed that was begging to be used as a backdrop :-))

Looking forward to shooting your wedding in September Shae & Josh!! :)

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