Caitlain - South Burnett/Kingaroy Portrait Photographer

How AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL is Caitlain!!! With a huge capital B, thats what!!! :)

Can you believe that this gorgeous girl has been the brunt of bullying at school?!? I couldn't believe it either. I have absolutely no idea why anyone in their right mind would bully someone in the first place...but to pick on someone as beautiful as Caitlain is on the inside AND out,  makes me so sad.
I have ZERO tolerance for any kind of bullying (I've had a family member bullied at school as well) and people don't realise how damaging this is to a person.  For many years...if not their lifetime.

One in four children are bullied at school. One in four!! (Stats taken from this article HERE )
To me, that is so upsetting. School life is hard enough and having to deal with this on top of it all is just beyond upsetting.

Caitlain is my son's best mates sister (did you get that, hehe)...and when I learned what she has been going through, I wanted to make her see that she is a gorgeous person and in absolutely NO WAY does she, or anyone for that matter, deserve this appalling treatment. I just hope that I did her beauty justice.

Caitlain, I want you to see that you are a strong, beautiful, intelligent young woman, with family and friends who love you no matter what...and will stand beside you and support you in all you do...


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