Vege Gardening....

We have been wanting to start a little vege garden for now the school holidays are here, the kids were keen to get it going.
We used a couple of old bathtubs (that were earmarked for cattle troughs) and filled them will dirt and planted out a heap of carrots, potatoes, beans, lettuce and tomatoes. The kids had heaps of fun and can't wait to to able to pick and eat them....Well, hopefully it will get them to eat thier veges...knowing THEY actually grew them :p

Ebs found this little grub and named it Lucky....(but it wasn't so has already met an untimely death, lol!)

I hope you are enjoying your holidays so far....only 5 weeks to go...Woohoo!

Little Farmer Boy....Kingaroy Portrait Photographer

Remember this sweet little guy (Click here) i took photo's of around this time last year??

He's three now and his mum wanted some photographs of could i NOT take photo's of him...he's SO cute!

After his photoshoot...he wanted to get straight back into his "work clothes"...and he said i HAD to take a photo of him in them!!

It was such a HOT day...but it didn't seem to worry him in the slightest! Thanks for taking the time to visit...

BAD BAD Blogger...

I know....I have been VERY slack in the blogging department lately!! But to tell you the truth, things have been pretty quiet around here....Forgive me??

Well, its that time of year again...School is coming to a close and 6 weeks of having the kids home, and all the joys that go along with it, is just about on us.
Its also time for school calendars...and they are being made as we speak!! Here are this years efforts>>>>

Some random photo's taken throughout the year all chucked together to give to the Grandparents!!

Anyway, i hope you have a good week or so left of freedom before your house gets taken over and destroyed, lol!!


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