Darryl and Monique....

Some friends of my mum and dad's asked me to take their wedding photo's last weekend.....

It was a very hot morning wedding.....with photo's right in the heat of the day.....

But they were SO in love, it didn't seem to make any difference to them!! The groom could hardly take his eyes off his new wife.....it was so sweet.


Fiddling again.......

Seeing as it has been overcast, showery weather, i have been fiddling with a few photo's......If i can't take photo's, then i have to play with photo's, lol!!
I know they look over photoshopped but.....thats what fiddling is all about isn't it??

Anyways, here's Ebony on the trampoline......also a time to practice my photography skills too, he he!!

I have been browsing on Flikr......and i am just so in awe of so many of the talented people on there!! Needless to say, i have been inspired no end!!

And thanks Shelton, if you're reading this, I am working on it!!

Some Kids Photo's.....

Its the start of the holidays and already the kids have been having a ball with their friends! And who can resist kids photo's right??

Just a little braggin'.....

A few months ago, I entered a photo competition for our local shire council. We had to submit photo's that we'd taken of our town and surrounding areas......Well i got a letter the other day to say that two of my photo's (i put in four) had won in three categories!!

This one of the old buildings on the main street of Nanango won the Urban Architecture category:>>

And this one of the old Dairy Co-Op won two categories.....105 Years of Nanango Shire Council and Overall Runner-Up!!

The pictures are going to be used in the Annual Report that goes around our Shire.....I know its not much but its pretty exciting all the same, lol!!

It's Jackson's last week of being a Grade 2'er......it has been a fantastic year, all thanks to this wonderful teacher....Miss Jodie Turley......She was new to the school at the beginning of this year and she was a real breath of fresh air to have around. They have never had 3 teachers before at our little school but she just fit right in and all the kids loved her!!

But she is now being transferred next year............so we are very sad that she will be leaving us.....but we wish you all the best Jodie.......Thank you SO much for being such a great teacher to our kids......WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. ~Author Unknown"

A little pressie for my Ma and Pa

It was mum and dad's anniversary last month.....so i made them this album that i got from a shopping expedition in Bris.
I had such a ball creating this (and it was also great using up a heap of leftover supplies too......added bonus, lol!!).
It has a double page for each month of next year with a photo on one side and the month on the other with enough room to write in the little boxes.
Well i gave it to mum and dad when we went out for tea to celebrate their anniversary.....and they absolutely loved it......well, mum did....you know what men are like, lol!! (DAD - "yeah its great Char", in his not so enthusiastic voice!!!)

In other news.....we have just come back from a weeks holiday at the Sunshine Coast......a much needed break and also as a promise to Jackson as we didn't allow him to go on School Camp this year (because they didn't want us parents to go this time.......and he is still only just 7!!) We all had a lovely time......swimming, playing tennis, eating, mini golf, eating.......oh and did i say eating, lol!! Oh and lots of cocktails by the pool.......AAaaaahhh!!!

I will post some pics when i get a chance to edit them

Thats is for now........

Oh i thought i better say too that the kids now realise that Jess isn't coming back.....and they are ok with that.......but now the cat is missing since we have gone away (there are alot of dingoes around here at the moment......so its' not looking good!!)

So we might be in for a couple of new pets........


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