Just wanted to add to todays blog, the LO i did for Kim Archers challenge at Scrapboxx. We had to do a layout with at least 3 circles either using our photo's or pp/cardstock. Thanks Kim. Great challenge!!

Also is this layout for Ali's challenge. To create a layout with 3 of everything. Three photo's, three words in the title, etc.......So thank you Ali. Another great challenge!!
On to some other news...... We are going down to Caloundra tomorrow in readiness for Sari's wedding on Saturday. I hope it is warmer than this tho!! Poor girls in their strapless dress.....Bbbrrrr.......i'm shivering just thinking about it! We are staying till Monday so it should be a nice few days break from the farm.

Oh and by the way, Ali, I loved your message. Very official sounding!! You’ll go far, lol!!!!
You nude taking photographer you!!
Till tomorrow,

Day 2 (and already late!!)

What a day!!! Busy, busy, busy. Having an extra child around, you really notice how extra busy it can get. But they really are such good kids! Had a great time at the movies and then at Macca's after. Of course they all wanted a happy meal with the Shrek toy.

Which brings me to the photo for today. I know its not of me but.........i touched it - does that count???????:

After all the fun, it was shopping. Of course the boys were protesting madly, but we made them come anyways!! But they got ANOTHER treat, so that kept them happy for a while.

Last night Darryls mum came home from her trip overseas. So we went up to see her and see how it all went - you know the drill. The kids were happy to see her anyway! She brought back presents from 'far far away' and the kids were thrilled.

Ebony got a red leather bag from Italy and another red shiny bag from a boot fair in England (now she can add them to the other 492 bags she has in her stash, lol!). Jackson got a Nike soccer ball and an italian team soccer uniform will some guys name on the back. "Totti" - i have never heard of him or even if it IS a him - maybe its a team.....i'm not really up with soccer teams, sorry!!
I got a leather bag and a nice necklace from Italy and a gorgeous bracelet from England and Darryl got some Italian aftershave and a new leather wallet. All in all, it was very thoughtful of dear m-i-l!!

Well, catch you tomorrow

((((singing)))) Rain Glorious Rain!!!!

Sssshhh.....Can you hear it?? The pitter patter of rain. What a beautiful sound!!!!

Well, how is your school holidays going? We have my nephew, Calypso, up at the moment from Bris. He usually comes up during the hols for a few days. Jackson and he are the same age and get along like a house on fire! He has an absolute blast up here. He gets to ride tractors and four wheelers, round up the cattle, feed the chooks and get the eggs (although, that sounds like work to me, lol!) We are going to the movies tomorrow in Kingaroy to see Shrek 3, and then Macca's, so that should be fun!

Also today i am starting a 365 photo a day challenge. I have to take a photo a day for the next 365 about me or what i'm doing. Now that is going to be a huge challenge especially as i never take photo's of me. So a MASSIVE thanks goes to Pip for setting this challenge. I can't wait to see how it turns out! (I will have to get out my old camera, as my other one is still out of action for a few days) So, here goes:

Here's couple of pics of the kids. This one of Jackson was the day we went to the Cooyar Show and Rodeo. He loves his WRANGLER shirt and
Akubra, so of course i needed a photo!

This one of Ebony is one of all time faves!! And, just little secret between you and me - its going to be on a cover of one of our fave scrap mags soon!! So keep an eye out. YAY...I am so excited about it, so so so excited!! (can you tell, he he!!)

Well, that's my news for today. Enjoy the rain..... i know i will!!


I've Got Withdrawrals................

I haven't taken a photo for about 5 days now........... and it's killing me. I'll give you my reason!

Next weekend i am taking Sari's wedding photo's, and 5 days ago my battery went flat. I don't want to re-charge until just before the wedding so that i have it fully charged for the BIG day!Because i know that if i do, i will only use some of it and i don't like charging the battery when it is not fully flat (nor is it good for the battery!).........so i am trying to hold out for another 7 days. Very hard!!!!!!!!.........and enough waffling!!

Well, seeing as i can't take any photo's i will post some that i have taken recently. These are of Ebony again (i know....i can't help it!!)
I also did another couple of digi layouts. I enjoy doing this for a change from the scissors and glue and stuff......not that i will EVER give that up!!!!!!!

This one, above, is one that i did for Kim Archer's sketch at Scrapboxx and the one below is one i did just because!

I took these one's of our friends Ryan and Erin when she only had a few weeks to go until she had her baby girl Layla. I needed to get some practice in, and they very kindly let me take some photo's of them. I took about 200 of them in one afternoon and they all turned out SO NICE!!! A very photogenic couple!!

Well, hope you all had a great weekend....... My kids are on school holidays now, so i will most likely be tearing my hair out by the time 2 weeks is up - although i do love having them at home with me!! No lunches to pack, no uniforms to iron - YAY!!!

Till next time

Another COLD day on the farm......

It is blowing like a cyclone outside. What makes it worse is that we are on a hill!! But I think it is everywhere tho, around SE Qld and NSW. Down in Sydney is copping another weather warning - the poor things - i really feel for them!!

Seeing as its SO cold, i have tried not to venture too far outside, although i had to go outside before.

You see, we sell molasses for cattle and we have people coming to load up all the time, so i have to start pumps and fill their tanks for them. Anyways, this guys tank was just about full and it had a good layer of froth on the top (much like a nicely poured beer, lol!!) and then it started spitting out everywhere!! I got it all over me, the tank and the nice man's ute!!! Thankfully he was good about it and said he'd wash it off when he got home!! DOH!!

So, i tried doing a digital layout today. I'm pretty digitally challenged in a scrapbooking way, so it is quite plain, but i am pretty happy with it!
Well, keep warm my lovelies....

What a Weekend!!

NOT!! I didn't do anything exciting. Oh, hang on, i lie!! Last night i had so much fun chatting to the girls at scrapboxx. Ali, Jodes, Peta, and heaps more are just the most gorgeous friendly girls!!
Being out in the country, you get real lonely from the isolation and the internet makes me feel connected to the rest of the world. So i just love the chats i have with these girls who make me laugh until my sides hurt. I know its only a little thing but it is HUGE to me!! So thanks heaps girls!! I can't wait till we meet IRL. Look out!!

Other than that, not much else happened. Quite a relaxing weekend really. Lit the fireplace tonight for the first time this winter. It makes winter a bit more bearable with a beautiful, warm fire going!!

Well, better go and put another log on the fire!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

p.s:- i was peeling some spuds the other night, and as i looked out my kitchen window, i saw this!!

Its SOOOO Cold today...........

I have had the gas heater going all day the last few days. Just chewing up the gas - its just lucky that we sell the stuff. It's quite appropriate actually that we sell gas. Darryl and his dad make enough gas between them out of their .............to keep the whole of Queensland going for the next 1o years!!!!
So i think i might light the fireplace today and have that going as well. Its just so cold. And our house - being an old farmhouse - is so so cold. We have old wooden floorboards which have gaps so big between each one you could fit your finger in (well, not quite - but it sure feels like it when the westerly winds come blowing up thru them!!) lol :0)

I am also going to do some ironing today. And for those that know me, I DO NOT IRON, unless i need it to wear right then!! I am only doing it keep warm, lol!!
I am so cold i am wearing a beanie and a scarf while i am typing now!! It's hilarious. You should see me!! Ummm.....actually no, you wouldn't want to - i look hideous!!

Well i hope you are warm........i am trying........(((think warm thoughts....think warm thoughts.......))))) Aaaahhhhh, better already!!

Took some photo's this morning of Ebony and her new hat and scarf that we got out shopping the other day. She was not co-operating as you can see:>

Such a ratbag!!!
My best friends hubby's boss (got that??) would have got a rude shock when he got to work this morning. He hates, hates the BLUES origin team so to get him back for some things he's been doing to this workers (all in fun tho!), they had me do this to a photo of him:

Thats just sacrilige tho. To do that to Matt Kings gorgeous body!!

Anyways, it will be around all the emails in their company all around Australia this morning. Glad its not me working there!!


Yesterday, Jackson woke up saying he was sick!! He DID look sick to me, but lately he has been playing jokes on us saying he is when he isn't! Anyway, thinking he was trying to get out of going to school, i said that if he has the day off he won't be playing, won't be kicking his ball, won't be running around and he WILL be going to the doctors (he he - that'll get him!). To that he said "OK". Hhhmmmm!
I said to him that i will make an appointment then. (Our doctor is in Toowoomba - an hour away) Jackson hates driving all the way over there and especially as we always make a day of it and shop for the whole day!!
Again he said "OK". DOH!!! My trick backfired badly!!
By the time we went to the appointment, he was playing, running and very NOT sick. But he still had to endure that and shopping and a long drive home. That'll learn him!!

But i was still tricked......

Missed my.............

camera club meeting yesterday too with this silly flu! I love going to it. Everyone there inspires me everytime i meet with them!! Last meeting, we went to Taabinga Homestead for an outing to take heaps of pics of old stuff. It was great. They do wedding's there too. Here's some pics>
We all had a great time. These are only some of about 200 i took on the day!! So many things......so little time!!

While i was at home........

Well seeing as i am too sick to go anywhere this weekend, Darryl took the kids up to his parents farm (about 10mins away), so i could have some rest. Isn't he nice! But do you think i could rest while i had all this time to myself!! Oh no, resting was not on the cards!! All i could think of was that this time WILL be spent catching up on emails, surfing the net and of course, scrapbooking!! So thats what i did.

It was great..... No kids yelling they are hungry, no lunches to get. Nothing, but doing what i wanted, when i wanted!! AAaaaahhhhh!!

After all that tho, i only got one layout done. It's of Ebony and her friend Anna. They are the cutest kids - very different - Ebs is a country girl and Anna is a city girl and you can SO tell the difference. They are both the same age (2 weeks apart) but both sweet kids. Here it is:

I just don't think its finished tho. It needs something else. I might put a quote on the side or something.
Anyways, have a great public holiday tomorrow.

I can't believe it...........

Just when i was SO looking forward to going to the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane this weekend, I have been struck down with the flu!! Aaarrgghh! Why now??????I have even been saving and saving so i could spend heaps of money there, i was meeting Micaela and Anne-marie (her friend from Rocky) there and everything was set. Then this.............
Even last night i was all prepared to go, was packed, had the train timetable ready to rock. Then during the night i hardly got any sleep, was tossing and turning and coughing and spluttering, so this morning i just couldn't make myself go.
Probably just as well. The weather outside is absolutely shocking - freezing & cyclonic. And I would have been terrible company with this stupid flu. Poor Mickey tho. She has been looking forward to meeting up down there too! Next time Mickey, I PROMISE OK!!
Well i hope you have a great long weekend. I think mine will be spent indoors, either in bed or next to the heater!
Have a good one!!

My gorgeous kids!

Just a quick post today. I wanted to put a couple of pics of the kids here. Jackson, my eldest, is 6 (and a half - gotta put that bit in!) and Ebony, my youngest, is 4. Aren't they just the cutest!!

I'm a Virgin (a blog virgin, that is)

Well, I thought i just might take the plunge and start my first and very own BLOG. Yes, yes i can here what your saying. I wonder if she has really got anything interesting to say!! I have thought that many times, thinking that my life is really quite boring. Well, i am really doing this for my own benefit. Putting things down in writing is my way of remembering things because i am an absolute shocker of a rememberer (is that a word!). So if you have a secret that you want to tell anyone that won't ever get repeated, look no further because as soon as you tell me, i've forgotten it!!!! Not that i would ever ever tell anyone anyways - but yeah, shocking memory!!

Well today was a bit scary. Living in the country, you have to take the good with the bad. The good is very very good. The peace. The quiet. The lifestyle. The friendly people. But......the bad is not so good!! The cow crap! The smell! (although hubby says...mmmmmm, smell the money!) The NO rain. The when it DOES rain, you get bogged.

That's exactly what happened to me this morning. The last couple of days we have actually got some rain!! YAY!! Looking back at our rainfall records (yes, you MUST keep these when you are a farmer!) the last time we had good rain like this was in January 2004. So thats a long time between drinks!!Anyways, i took Jackson to school this morning, like every morning, and getting near the end of our dirt (mud) road, was so so chopped up from cattle trucks and our utes and cars that i didn't think i would get thru. The wheels started spinning, mud flicking up everywhere. The kids thought it was great fun of course!! But all i could think of was, OH great now i'm gonna have to get out, in the mud, and walk back 2kms back to our house in my good Colorado slip ons!! Then i thought about letting Jackson steer while i pushed!! But that thought didn't last very long! (not because he can't dive. He can, he drives the ute around the farm while we are feeding cattle. He is 6) It was only because i didn't feel like getting splattered in red, stinky mud. I also forgot to bring the mobile with me. TYPICAL! (There's that bad memory again!)
So in between the kids yahooing because they don't have to school, i thought i will give it one more try. So i revved the guts out of the car, spun the wheels so fast that eventually they grabbed onto something and i finally got out of there!! What a relief! Then all i could think of was how the ###### are we going to get back!
Well, we have another road we can go on, its around the long way, but maybe, just maybe, it might not be so bad as it was less used!How wrong i was. It was worse. As soon as turned off onto that road, the stupid wheels started spinning again. I couldn't believe it! Just flamin' great! Revving hard again, i got out of that one. PHEW! All was great until i got about half a km away from our house. Coming up the hill from the other road that we don't use much, it started raining again. And of course this made the road even slipperier and this time we were BOGGED. You know that feeling, when you just go UH OH! So i tryed to reverse to see if the tyres could grip some thing, but we just slid even further. Ebony was in the back with a funny look on her face (as if to say, are we really bogged this time mum), and i was starting to think 'well i could just leave the car here until Darryl gets home'. Trouble was Ebony was still in her pj's, you know the ones with the all-in-one feet pj's and i didn't feel like carrying her, in the rain, all the way back home! I tried to find a big stick or log to put under the tyres. But do you think there are any around when you need them?? So we just sat there for a while. Then i thought i will give it one more try. So revving the guts out again, spinning tyres, temperature gauge near boiling point, we slowly, ever so slowly, started to move. YAY, we were out!!
Looking back at the road, omg what a mess, i felt sorry for the next person who came up the road!! They definitely would NOT get out of that!

So.......there we go. My very first blog. It wasn't that hard. Hope you found it interesting!!

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