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Just a quick post today. Not a real lot to say. Hope you've had a good day....... Blah blah blah ........Sundays afternoons are very quiet around here. Thought i would show you a photo i took of the first bulbs that have emerged in my garden already:

They have a gorgeous smell too. As it was quite warm outside we tinkered out in the garden for a bit. She loves it in the garden. She "collects" flowers (ie...rips them off the plant,lol) and makes me little bouquets. Very sweet!Here's one of Ebs. She loves smelling flowers - even if there is no smell!!

The other day Ebs and I had a little photo shoot of her with her doll Billy: I asked her, "how come Billy is wearing pink?" and she said (quite matter-of-factly too, LOL!), "Because he said he likes PINK!"

She's Back...............

I can't believe it!! Last night, we went out right. We are driving through the forrestry. I see something black out of the corner of my eye run into the trees. I tell Darryl to stop and back up. We call Molly's name and out she comes miaowing her little head off, lol!! Such a fluke!!! So we took her back home and she's absolutely starving and wanting lots of cuddles.

Today Ebony is spending every minute with her, playing and hugging. She is giving her some "toys". Notice the steel chain and "string" (wire rope), lol!!

I wanted to show you too, because Jackson is such sports FREAK, his goal posts that he made!! Being on the farm, we have to improvise alot!! Check this out (complete with a big cow crap,lol!!):>>>>

Jackson thinks they are just the best. Two steel posts and a bit of poly pipe!! The bulls also think they are pretty good - especially to scratch their BUTTS on !!!! Check their hair stuck in it:>>>>

So, all's well here now Molly's back.


Just wanted to share...........

some photo's from yesterday arvo. We had to take out the ear tags from some cattle because we are selling them. Ebony loves coming down to watch. She's going to be the little cowgirl of the family. Jackson doesn't like it much. He'd rather be kicking his ball or riding his bike - much to hubbys disappointment, lol!!

Ebs gets in there with her "whacker" to help sort them. And once there in, her job is to count them and write down (tick columns) the colours - Angus (black) & Herefords (brown). She thinks she is very important then, lol!!
Here's Darryl, getting the cattle in the crush. He does that......... and then i usually cut the ear tags out!!
Just check that butt tho............(((((wolf whistle!!!)))))))

My Blue Eyed Girls.......

Here's my two gorgeous blue-eyed girls. Ebony just adores her!!

Molly still hasn't come home!! We have been searching and calling, but..............

Of course, i am thinking the worst. On the way to school this morning, we saw a HUGE wedge-tail eagle eating something on the side of the road, and all i could think of was..........not good thoughts!!. Dingoes too. There's alot of them around at the moment!!

No, i have to stop thinking negatively. She's probably gone to some nice persons house and they have scored a gorgeous little cat!! Aaaahh, thats better.

So.....take some more pics of your pets. I wish i had of!!

We've lost our kitten!!

Today hasn't been a very good day! Our little kitten, Molly, has gone missing!!!!!

The kids have been calling and calling her......but she hasn't turned up. We are just hoping she jumped on the ute when we went down the paddock to put out molasses and is out there somewhere. Hopefully she'll find her way back!!

Also this arvo, 3 of our bulls got into my garden. They walked through the garden beds, crapped on everything and nearly broke my birdbath.......but they actually "mowed" my grass for it wasn't all bad i guess, lol!!

Here's a LO i did today (while keeping an eye on those bulls, lol). The pic is from the wedding from a couple of weeks ago.

I can't stop thinking about poor Molly. So cold and all alone..........i think i'm more worried than the kids. Hope she's ok. I think we might go looking for her first thing in the morning.

See ya
Here's a layout i forgot to post from the other day. My little social butterfly. At 4. I am NOT looking forward to teenage years! Especially , if she's anything like i was, lol!!

Sports Day!!!!!

Wow.... what a day yesterday!!!

Our little school had their sports day yesterday.....A few other small schools from around the area come up and we all meet and compete against each other. Its such a fantastic day.......

We have about 50 kids at our school, so its so much fun to meet with other small schools and have a heap of fun together!!

We have the normal 200m, 100m and 50m (for prep-G2), long jump, discus, shot-put, and high jump. They also have ball games - tunnel ball, leader ball, etc...

The kids love it, because even if they don't win, they get a competitor ribbon and a point for their school, so they really feel a part of it!!

The day started off with the kindy kids with their 50m race. Ebony was in that one....... if you haven't seen these tiny kids running is Sooooooo funny. They are looking everywhere except to the front of them and running their little hearts out!! All us parents are laughing on the sidelines, while yelling out.... "RUN".......!!!

Here's Ebs with her ribbon. She came FIRST - but the kindy kids all get a Competitor ribbon so they are all rapt with that!!! The pics aren't that great, but they were too excited to stand still,lol!

Then Jackson had his race........and he came first too!!!! Darryl (he took the day off ) and i were Sooooooo proud of them both. We didn't realise we had such fast kids, lol!!

All in all it was a fantastic day. Our little school won overall and got a trophy, so everyone was happy!!

Well, i hope you all have a great weekend.


Stopping the Challenge!!

I tried my best to take a photo everyday for the 365 day challenge but........i am finding it really tough..... not to mention time consuming..........and i think i am going to quit it!! I am sorry Pip, but i have been on the computer SOOOo much lately, the kids, the house, hubby, everything has gone by the wayside and i am feeling really really GUILTY!! I wish you girls all the best who are continuing with it tho!!

So, i now... i am trying to spend more time doing everything i should be doing and less time on here......tho i will still be posting when i have something interesting to tell or show (LO or photo's)

My guilt was eating away at me so i did this LO (as a way to redeem myself, maybe, lol!)

Thanks to all of you who took the time to check out my challenge!! Oh, I feel so terrible for abandoning it, but i just can't do it!! So Sorry!!


Day 20

Ok so i took some pics today. Two, as i promised. Mind you, it's not getting any easier you know!!!

Another day trying to keep warm. This old house is SOooooooo cold. I am so sick of it!!!!

I did a digi layout today for the weekly challenge at scrapboxx. My fingers were too cold to get out all the papers and trimmers etc...

Anyways, just a quick post.



Day 19

You know what........i haven't done a photo for today. But i will do two tomorrow to make up for it. I don't really have an excuse.........i just didn't do it!!!

I did a heap of other things tho. Like, trying to get the stupid flamin' fire going. It's been really cold here the last couple of days and seeing as i was at home all day today, i thought i would light it. Usually, i get it going straight away.....but today......aaaaarrgh!!!!!!!

It took me till lunch time to get it going properly. But i did have a few interruptions. A B-Double (a BIG truck with a trailor -for you city-ites info, lol!!) loaded with molasses came today to fill up our tanks, so i had to go open the gates for the driver, make sure he pumped it into the right ones, make sure the bulls didn't get out while the gates were open and then act like i was interested in talking about the weather (like farmers do!!!!!), when really all i wanted was to get out of the stupid freezing cold wind!!!! (I am so sick of winter, just OVER it!!! Can you tell?)

Then our friends came over and brought Ebony back, cause she slept over their house last night. She is such a little social butterfly, that one!!!

After all that, the fire going, friends gone......i got another LO done.

So......with everyone in bed, i am editing still more wedding photo's from the other weekend (am only half way!) and writing this post.

Now tho, my fingers are getting cold, so i am going to bed.

Till tomorrow.............

And here's a quick layout i did today. I just love these pp's. You don't need to add to much to make them look beautiful!!

Day 18

Here's Ebs and I (can you tell its freezing!!) just about ready to head to Kingaroy to pick up some gas in the cruiser ute! I hate driving that thing when its loaded to the ground with huge gas bottles on the back! I have to drive sooooooo slow.

But seeing as its so cold outside, people must be having their heaters on all day and we are flat out delivering to everyone. And as i was the only one who wasn't busy today.... it was my job to get it.

The local paper was having a photography comp and i entered some they were in the paper today. It's always good seeing your own pictures in print. We hear whether we have won or not today or monday i think.

Other than that............nothing too exciting is happening.

Have a great weekend.......I know some of you girls who are headed to Q1 definitely will, lol!!!!! And we want to hear all about it too!!!!!!!


Sorry, been a bit slack!!

Well i have been busy, busy actually. And my 'puter needed to go the PC doctor!! But its back now all better!!

I have been slack tho on the challenge front (sorry Pip). But today is a new day right!!

Also i have been tagged again. Thanks pet!!
So here goes:

8 random facts about me:

1. I hate making decisions
2. My first car was a VW which I absolutely loved.
3. I love Rum and Coke and I can drink a beer faster than my hubby, lol!!
4. I am a procrastinator
5. I would like another baby!! (Yes, crazy i know, lol!!)
6. I went to the Livid Festival when I was 18
7. I just got a new mobile phone that takes photo’s and video (I know, we’re slow out here ok!!) with the ringtone as “Thank god I’m a country boy!!
8. I was in a car accident 6months ago and nearly killed myself and my beautiful daughter (it still tears me up thinking about it!!)

And i tag (& maybe re-tag, sorry - i don't know that many people who have blogs)

Ali - you crazy woman








I also wanted to share of photo of me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

...........SAL.............. Who loves ya baby???????

She's just as mad as me and we have the best times when we are together (even tho its not as much as i would like!!)

So thats about it from me for today.


Oh and here's day 14 photo. It is really cold and windy here!!

Photo Club Photo's

The 2nd Sunday of every month we have our photo club meetings in Nanango. This month we walked around town getting photo's of our local landmarks. The local council has generously donated money for the acquisitive section of next years Nanango show.

So off we went, camera's in hand, taking pics of our town. I never realised there was so many things to take photo's of in our little town. Its amazing the difference when you are looking thru a lens!!

So here's a few of around 180 that i took:

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by Mickey so here’s my answers:

Four of my favourite jobs:
1. Apprentice cabinet maker (for my dad!)
2. Legal Secretary
3. Retail Assistant
4. A Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.( SAHM, lol!)

Four of my favourite local places:
1. Our farm
2. Maidenwell Pub
3. Bunya Mountains
4. Toowoomba shops

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Strawberries
2. Chocolate (who doesn’t!!)
3. Rum & coke (it’s a food….c’mon!!)
4. A perfectly cooked Rib Fillet from our grain fed steers!! (Mmmm….I can smell it now!!)

Four of my favourite places in Australia:
1. Brisbane - gotta love the shops there
2. Toowoomba - ditto
3. Caloundra - our holiday spot
4. WhitSundays - no explanation needed!!

Now for who I tag:
1. Toni C
2. Kylie F
3. Tatum W
4. Tammy T

Which brings me to my day 11 photo. I am really late for an appointment, so i gotta go!!

See ya


Day 10

The last little while, i just have not been able to scrap. Nothing i did gave me any inspiration. But today after dancing and singing with the kids to very LOUD music - the Rogue Traders - i finally found some inspiration. I'm glad i don't have any neighbours, otherwise they would have seen my bits wobbling everywhere, lol!!

So, i got scrapping straight away and it didn't take me too long either. Its sort of a scraplift too. This is it:

Also here is my day 10 photo. Ebony took this of me while i was playing with my camera. She loves using my old camera. She's not too bad either!!
I have been tagged too, but i will do that tomorrow. Thanks Mickey!!

Day 9........

I took the kids to the park today. They are getting pretty bored at home so we thought we would take the drive into town and have a bit of a play and they were SO excited about it. Here's some pics of them:

Darryl is going to the State of Origin in Brissy tonight with a few of the guys from his work and so it WAS just going to be him, much to Jackson's disappointment. But this morning, another ticket became available and so Jackson is now going!!! Us girls "get to watch it on TV" says Jackson. So....if you see a little boy with a Qld Origin Team beanie with a mowhawk, you'll know that's Jackson!! And the guy next to him yelling and screaming and generally being an idiot, that's Darryl, lol!!

Oh and here's my photo for day 9. At the park, trying to keep the kids entertained for just a few more days!!

I really really hate taking my photo. You don't know how much!! I hate it (can't you tell by the look on my face, lol!) This challenge is very hard for me, but thats why its a challenge and i will stick to it as much as i can.



Back to the Grind

Today has been spent washing, cleaning and catching up on chores around the place. The kids are starting to get a bit bored i think.

Today, while i was washing out in the laundry (which is in a shed outside!!) the kids made up a game. I was an alien and they were earthlings trying to escape from me. Not that i was really playing but when they started throwing the footy at me it was all out war!! I had to chase them around the house and pretend i was this stupid alien thing. I'm glad we have no close neighbours, thats all i'm gonna say!!

Then Jackson decided he wanted a haircut. I have been our family hairdresser and i relish the fact, because i then I am in control and I have the power (by way of the clippers, that is,lol!!) I love to make little patterns in the boys hair and i usually end up in fits of hysterics. I know.....i don't get out much, LOL!! Here's my little experiment today (and this is my day 8 photo - i know its not of me, but aren't you sick of me, lol!).
Jackson was NOT impressed and i had to bribe him to get this - I said i would delete it from the camera after. And i have - i just haven't told him i put it on the computer!!
Anyways thats all for today....

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