Jonny & Melita's Surprise - Murgon Wedding Photographer

It was a secret.

Friends and family thought it was an engagement party.

Little did they know that after the drinks and nibblies, they would be witnessing Jonny and Melita devoting themselves to each other in the gorgeous little church at the Dusty Hill Vineyard.

Dressed in stunning tangerine, Melita was radiant as she mingled with her fiance Jonny and their guests celebrating their engagement. The band played and the conversation flowed, as well as the good cheer.

The guests were then shuffled over to the little old church to watch a special slideshow presentation of Jonny and Melita's lives as they grew up, and eventually found each other.

As the guests enjoyed the show, Melita slipped out and changed into something a little more *dressy*
Then the band arrived...followed by Melita's sister, then her mum....and then Melita and her father, who was bursting with pride for his beautiful daughter.

As the crowd gasped in shock and wonderment and "could this really be happening",  Jonny couldn't stop beaming from ear to ear to see his stunning bride-to-be.

**If I was to write a novel about their day, this is how some of it would go, hehe!! :)))

Here are some favourite images of  Jonny and Melita's surprise nuptials. It was such a gloriously perfect day...celebrating their little secret, with their nearest and dearest.
As always Dusty Hill and its picturesque backdrops made it an unforgettable day!


Sara & Tim Get Married - Kingaroy Wedding Photographer

After meeting Tim and Sara to chat about their special day, I couldn't help but notice how very calm they both were. On the big day, they were exactly the same. Nothing phased them.

At all.

Sara's dad, a super hilarious larrikin, provided fun and laughter while the girls were getting ready, and the boys chilled out on their deck over-looking the beautiful views of Kingaroy!

The day was perfect. The girls looked stunning (the boys scrubbed up alright too). The vows were beautiful and emotional. Everything a wedding should be.

Some favourites from Sara and Tim's day:-


Engagement Sessions - Kingaroy/South Burnett Wedding Photographer

Well after being a little slack in the blogging department...I thought I would do a combined post of some engagement photoshoots from the last few months of each of these gorgeous couples!

First up:-

{Chris and Michelle}

{Tim and Sara}

{Michael and Amanda}

{Mitch and Carla}

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