1st Tooth Lost!!!

Well after months of wiggling his first loose tooth.....Jackson has finally lost it!! He was ssoooooooo so excited.....he is the last one in his class to lose a tooth, so we made a really big deal about it and he was just chuffed!! Now Ebony is trying to wiggle hers to see if there's any loose, LOL!!!

Scrapboxx has a new Newsletter out.....Check it out here HERE. Its a great read and I also have a couple of LO's in there....;o)

And a friend emailed me a satellite pic of our farm from GoogleEarth...i think it is amazing!! And its just lucky i wasn't hanging out the washing in my undies that day, ROFL!!!!!

The red circle is our house....This was taken probably a month or so ago before we had the rain......so it looks really terrible....no grass, just dirt.....but now you wouldn't know it......SO green and lush!! We live across the road from the forrestry, so we are nice and secluded there!! And we overlook the Bunya Mtns......(looking out towards the top left of the pic) Aahh the serenity!! And yes.....our property is called "Bonnie Doon" too (anyone seen "The Castle")

Anyways that is it from me for today




Micaela said...

Hi Char!!
Congrats to Jackson on his first tooth gone! And tell Ebs not to wiggle hers too hard! LOL!

Yep, got my newsletter today...your layouts were the first I looked for ;) Mum was looking over my shoulder too, she was pretty excited to see the pics of Hans & Julianne. Loved the "Daddy's girl" layout, hope you're going to upload it in bebo so I can take a closer look!

Chat soon,
Mic xx

Anonymous said...

Sending a BIG congrats to Jackson for loosing his tooth. It sure is an exciting time for kids when that happens isn't it. My daughter Amanda loves when she gets wobbly teeth too........lol

All your spring photos are just beautiful. I love spring too, it's the most prettiest time of year I think.

I love your recent creations for the Boxx newsletter. Wonderful work as always. You sure are talented xxoo

Have a safe and fun week. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Char,
Just wanted to congratulate you on the lastest "For Keeps" cover. Ebony is such a cutie with those beautiful eyes and gorgeous long blonde hair.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that photo is so cool. Where abouts is your farm Char. I'd love to take some shots on a farm location.

Anonymous said...

Love the aerial photo of your house Char. Is that you I can see waving some fingers at the satellite?

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