Day 18

Here's Ebs and I (can you tell its freezing!!) just about ready to head to Kingaroy to pick up some gas in the cruiser ute! I hate driving that thing when its loaded to the ground with huge gas bottles on the back! I have to drive sooooooo slow.

But seeing as its so cold outside, people must be having their heaters on all day and we are flat out delivering to everyone. And as i was the only one who wasn't busy today.... it was my job to get it.

The local paper was having a photography comp and i entered some they were in the paper today. It's always good seeing your own pictures in print. We hear whether we have won or not today or monday i think.

Other than that............nothing too exciting is happening.

Have a great weekend.......I know some of you girls who are headed to Q1 definitely will, lol!!!!! And we want to hear all about it too!!!!!!!


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