Sorry, been a bit slack!!

Well i have been busy, busy actually. And my 'puter needed to go the PC doctor!! But its back now all better!!

I have been slack tho on the challenge front (sorry Pip). But today is a new day right!!

Also i have been tagged again. Thanks pet!!
So here goes:

8 random facts about me:

1. I hate making decisions
2. My first car was a VW which I absolutely loved.
3. I love Rum and Coke and I can drink a beer faster than my hubby, lol!!
4. I am a procrastinator
5. I would like another baby!! (Yes, crazy i know, lol!!)
6. I went to the Livid Festival when I was 18
7. I just got a new mobile phone that takes photo’s and video (I know, we’re slow out here ok!!) with the ringtone as “Thank god I’m a country boy!!
8. I was in a car accident 6months ago and nearly killed myself and my beautiful daughter (it still tears me up thinking about it!!)

And i tag (& maybe re-tag, sorry - i don't know that many people who have blogs)

Ali - you crazy woman








I also wanted to share of photo of me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

...........SAL.............. Who loves ya baby???????

She's just as mad as me and we have the best times when we are together (even tho its not as much as i would like!!)

So thats about it from me for today.



Micaela said...

Hi Char, glad to hear you're computer's feelin better! Love the new banner!!

Are you entering Embellished Idol? I think ya should!! ;)

Anonymous said...

OK Char. I've got your tag and will post mine tomorrow.
By the way I just noticed that you have the wrong URL address for me in your Tag post. The address you have used is to my old blog that I haven't posted on for over a year.

My current address is

Anonymous said...

Hi Char, just loving your blog. You probably get alot of 'I used to...' replies but I did live on a 10, 000 acre sheep station once upon a time, and reading your blog just takes me home. Love your kids, so photogenic, so gorgeous and just for a coincidence my brother and his young family have recently moved to Toowoomba, we visited them in July. So I feel really at home on your blog.keep it up, I'm addicted! our styles are a little different, scrapping wise but I may have to case some of yours if that's Ok!!! lol

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