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Just a quick post today. Not a real lot to say. Hope you've had a good day....... Blah blah blah ........Sundays afternoons are very quiet around here. Thought i would show you a photo i took of the first bulbs that have emerged in my garden already:

They have a gorgeous smell too. As it was quite warm outside we tinkered out in the garden for a bit. She loves it in the garden. She "collects" flowers (ie...rips them off the plant,lol) and makes me little bouquets. Very sweet!Here's one of Ebs. She loves smelling flowers - even if there is no smell!!

The other day Ebs and I had a little photo shoot of her with her doll Billy: I asked her, "how come Billy is wearing pink?" and she said (quite matter-of-factly too, LOL!), "Because he said he likes PINK!"


Toni said...

awwwww.... how sweet chars.

not much happens here sunday afternoons either.

Peta G said...

Your photos are awesome Chars!!

Micaela said...

He he Char, I love the look of concentration on Ebs face as she smells the flower in the 2nd pic...too cute!

Love the pic with Billy too!

See you in a bit over a week!!

Anonymous said...


I hope it is ok for me to visit your blog. I love all your photos. It really is lovely seeing your country farm environment especially since I don't often get out of the city (Sydney).

So excited your cat came back home. I bet she was overjoyed to be safe again and have something to eat.

Have a great day and see you round Scrapboxx:)

Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

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