We've lost our kitten!!

Today hasn't been a very good day! Our little kitten, Molly, has gone missing!!!!!

The kids have been calling and calling her......but she hasn't turned up. We are just hoping she jumped on the ute when we went down the paddock to put out molasses and is out there somewhere. Hopefully she'll find her way back!!

Also this arvo, 3 of our bulls got into my garden. They walked through the garden beds, crapped on everything and nearly broke my birdbath.......but they actually "mowed" my grass for me.......so it wasn't all bad i guess, lol!!

Here's a LO i did today (while keeping an eye on those bulls, lol). The pic is from the wedding from a couple of weeks ago.

I can't stop thinking about poor Molly. So cold and all alone..........i think i'm more worried than the kids. Hope she's ok. I think we might go looking for her first thing in the morning.

See ya


Anonymous said...

I hope Molly's ok, they usually come home when they're hungry.

lovely layout

Micaela said...

Oh no! Poor li'l Molly! I hope you find her!

Love the layout Char!

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