Day 19

You know what........i haven't done a photo for today. But i will do two tomorrow to make up for it. I don't really have an excuse.........i just didn't do it!!!

I did a heap of other things tho. Like, trying to get the stupid flamin' fire going. It's been really cold here the last couple of days and seeing as i was at home all day today, i thought i would light it. Usually, i get it going straight away.....but today......aaaaarrgh!!!!!!!

It took me till lunch time to get it going properly. But i did have a few interruptions. A B-Double (a BIG truck with a trailor -for you city-ites info, lol!!) loaded with molasses came today to fill up our tanks, so i had to go open the gates for the driver, make sure he pumped it into the right ones, make sure the bulls didn't get out while the gates were open and then act like i was interested in talking about the weather (like farmers do!!!!!), when really all i wanted was to get out of the stupid freezing cold wind!!!! (I am so sick of winter, just OVER it!!! Can you tell?)

Then our friends came over and brought Ebony back, cause she slept over their house last night. She is such a little social butterfly, that one!!!

After all that, the fire going, friends gone......i got another LO done.

So......with everyone in bed, i am editing still more wedding photo's from the other weekend (am only half way!) and writing this post.

Now tho, my fingers are getting cold, so i am going to bed.

Till tomorrow.............

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