Sooooooo Sick........

Well, I have finally got the dreaded Flu from the kids........i thought i just might have escaped.............but NO!! And i had to get it on our weekend away didn't i!!!

And i don't really feel like doing this Blog i am going back to bed!!!!!!!!!

Stupid Flu!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh that's not good. Your too nice to be sick.

I am sending you lots of get well wishes and positive vibes for a quick recovery. I hope you can get some rest and feel better very soon.

Take care, drink lots of water and keep warm xxoo

Also sending BIG congratulations for getting onto the Boxx Design Team, how exciting.

I like so many others love your layouts and am sure you will enjoy being part of the DT. Well deserved Char. I am very happy for you.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

Micaela said...

Oh no Char...mum and dad said you weren't well Sunday night...I hope it didn't ruin your trip to Sea World? Sending you lots of get well wishes honey!

I can sympathise - I had surgery this morning to remove my wisdom teeth - so I'm feeling pretty sore & sorry myself!!
Love, Mickey xx

Kylie said...

Oh Char I can simpathise (SP?)
Have been feeling the same, but starting to recover....I think most of OZ has it!Hope your feeling better soon & may all your dreams be of massage
Take care
Kylie x

Leanne said...

Oh no that is terrible. I hope you are feeling better soon. Was so sorry that you didn't make it on Friday. We were so well behaved too.
Anyway I am hoping that we will get to meet very soon
Love Leanne x x x

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