Such a Slackie!!

I know....i have been VERY slack on my blog of late.......but i don't really have anything exciting to report!!

Although.......the rain the last few days has been just glorious........its greening up already here......i love the colour green!!! I am glad the wind has gone tho!!

It was soooooooo windy on Thursday night, i thought our roof was gonna go!! I was SO scared and ready to pack some stuff and get out of there!! But as my DH said "where the heck are we going to GO!!"

At least we didn't get torrential rain like at Noosa!! OH man, they had buckets loads there!!

We got over a couple of inches, which was really don't want too much in one go. But another couple in a week would be good .....Wouldn't it be good if we could just turn it on and off like a tap, lol!!

Here's a couple of pics from the other day......Ebony is in a shirt like Dad's work one.......she loves it 'cause she's just like him then, lol!! I think there might just be a LO in that, LOL!!

Well......thats it for me for now......speaking of work shirts.....i better go and wash some now its not raining, lol!!

Cya ;o)


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