Yesterday, Jackson woke up saying he was sick!! He DID look sick to me, but lately he has been playing jokes on us saying he is when he isn't! Anyway, thinking he was trying to get out of going to school, i said that if he has the day off he won't be playing, won't be kicking his ball, won't be running around and he WILL be going to the doctors (he he - that'll get him!). To that he said "OK". Hhhmmmm!
I said to him that i will make an appointment then. (Our doctor is in Toowoomba - an hour away) Jackson hates driving all the way over there and especially as we always make a day of it and shop for the whole day!!
Again he said "OK". DOH!!! My trick backfired badly!!
By the time we went to the appointment, he was playing, running and very NOT sick. But he still had to endure that and shopping and a long drive home. That'll learn him!!

But i was still tricked......

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Toni said...

You poor thing Charmane... don't ya just hate that!
Hope you got some good shopping in but.

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