I can't believe it...........

Just when i was SO looking forward to going to the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane this weekend, I have been struck down with the flu!! Aaarrgghh! Why now??????I have even been saving and saving so i could spend heaps of money there, i was meeting Micaela and Anne-marie (her friend from Rocky) there and everything was set. Then this.............
Even last night i was all prepared to go, was packed, had the train timetable ready to rock. Then during the night i hardly got any sleep, was tossing and turning and coughing and spluttering, so this morning i just couldn't make myself go.
Probably just as well. The weather outside is absolutely shocking - freezing & cyclonic. And I would have been terrible company with this stupid flu. Poor Mickey tho. She has been looking forward to meeting up down there too! Next time Mickey, I PROMISE OK!!
Well i hope you have a great long weekend. I think mine will be spent indoors, either in bed or next to the heater!
Have a good one!!

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