I'm a Virgin (a blog virgin, that is)

Well, I thought i just might take the plunge and start my first and very own BLOG. Yes, yes i can here what your saying. I wonder if she has really got anything interesting to say!! I have thought that many times, thinking that my life is really quite boring. Well, i am really doing this for my own benefit. Putting things down in writing is my way of remembering things because i am an absolute shocker of a rememberer (is that a word!). So if you have a secret that you want to tell anyone that won't ever get repeated, look no further because as soon as you tell me, i've forgotten it!!!! Not that i would ever ever tell anyone anyways - but yeah, shocking memory!!

Well today was a bit scary. Living in the country, you have to take the good with the bad. The good is very very good. The peace. The quiet. The lifestyle. The friendly people. But......the bad is not so good!! The cow crap! The smell! (although hubby says...mmmmmm, smell the money!) The NO rain. The when it DOES rain, you get bogged.

That's exactly what happened to me this morning. The last couple of days we have actually got some rain!! YAY!! Looking back at our rainfall records (yes, you MUST keep these when you are a farmer!) the last time we had good rain like this was in January 2004. So thats a long time between drinks!!Anyways, i took Jackson to school this morning, like every morning, and getting near the end of our dirt (mud) road, was so so chopped up from cattle trucks and our utes and cars that i didn't think i would get thru. The wheels started spinning, mud flicking up everywhere. The kids thought it was great fun of course!! But all i could think of was, OH great now i'm gonna have to get out, in the mud, and walk back 2kms back to our house in my good Colorado slip ons!! Then i thought about letting Jackson steer while i pushed!! But that thought didn't last very long! (not because he can't dive. He can, he drives the ute around the farm while we are feeding cattle. He is 6) It was only because i didn't feel like getting splattered in red, stinky mud. I also forgot to bring the mobile with me. TYPICAL! (There's that bad memory again!)
So in between the kids yahooing because they don't have to school, i thought i will give it one more try. So i revved the guts out of the car, spun the wheels so fast that eventually they grabbed onto something and i finally got out of there!! What a relief! Then all i could think of was how the ###### are we going to get back!
Well, we have another road we can go on, its around the long way, but maybe, just maybe, it might not be so bad as it was less used!How wrong i was. It was worse. As soon as turned off onto that road, the stupid wheels started spinning again. I couldn't believe it! Just flamin' great! Revving hard again, i got out of that one. PHEW! All was great until i got about half a km away from our house. Coming up the hill from the other road that we don't use much, it started raining again. And of course this made the road even slipperier and this time we were BOGGED. You know that feeling, when you just go UH OH! So i tryed to reverse to see if the tyres could grip some thing, but we just slid even further. Ebony was in the back with a funny look on her face (as if to say, are we really bogged this time mum), and i was starting to think 'well i could just leave the car here until Darryl gets home'. Trouble was Ebony was still in her pj's, you know the ones with the all-in-one feet pj's and i didn't feel like carrying her, in the rain, all the way back home! I tried to find a big stick or log to put under the tyres. But do you think there are any around when you need them?? So we just sat there for a while. Then i thought i will give it one more try. So revving the guts out again, spinning tyres, temperature gauge near boiling point, we slowly, ever so slowly, started to move. YAY, we were out!!
Looking back at the road, omg what a mess, i felt sorry for the next person who came up the road!! They definitely would NOT get out of that!

So.......there we go. My very first blog. It wasn't that hard. Hope you found it interesting!!

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