I've Got Withdrawrals................

I haven't taken a photo for about 5 days now........... and it's killing me. I'll give you my reason!

Next weekend i am taking Sari's wedding photo's, and 5 days ago my battery went flat. I don't want to re-charge until just before the wedding so that i have it fully charged for the BIG day!Because i know that if i do, i will only use some of it and i don't like charging the battery when it is not fully flat (nor is it good for the battery!).........so i am trying to hold out for another 7 days. Very hard!!!!!!!!.........and enough waffling!!

Well, seeing as i can't take any photo's i will post some that i have taken recently. These are of Ebony again (i know....i can't help it!!)
I also did another couple of digi layouts. I enjoy doing this for a change from the scissors and glue and stuff......not that i will EVER give that up!!!!!!!

This one, above, is one that i did for Kim Archer's sketch at Scrapboxx and the one below is one i did just because!

I took these one's of our friends Ryan and Erin when she only had a few weeks to go until she had her baby girl Layla. I needed to get some practice in, and they very kindly let me take some photo's of them. I took about 200 of them in one afternoon and they all turned out SO NICE!!! A very photogenic couple!!

Well, hope you all had a great weekend....... My kids are on school holidays now, so i will most likely be tearing my hair out by the time 2 weeks is up - although i do love having them at home with me!! No lunches to pack, no uniforms to iron - YAY!!!

Till next time


Leanne said...

Love those photos of Ebony, she is such a beautiful little girl...I feel sorry that you cannot use your camera for a while. Wouldn't be able to handle that myself.. Where abouts in Queensland are you???
Anyway stay warm
Luv Leanne

Toni said...

Love your photos Chars, such a beautiful little girl.
And your layouts are gorgeous.
Stay warm

Micaela said...

Ahhhh Char...I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are SO taking my wedding photos!! :D

Hope the wedding goes well this weekend, hope you can share some of the results!

Love, M xx

Chrissy said...

Wow Chars love your piccies of little Ebony, utterly adorable! It'd soooo kill me too not using my camera for that long! LOL

Chrissy x

Anonymous said...

great photos and layouts.

You'll have to get a second camera to get your fix LOL

Anonymous said...

Ebony is so cute4. No wonder you can't help taking photos of her Char.

And the digi layouts are really cool too.

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