What a Weekend!!

NOT!! I didn't do anything exciting. Oh, hang on, i lie!! Last night i had so much fun chatting to the girls at scrapboxx. Ali, Jodes, Peta, and heaps more are just the most gorgeous friendly girls!!
Being out in the country, you get real lonely from the isolation and the internet makes me feel connected to the rest of the world. So i just love the chats i have with these girls who make me laugh until my sides hurt. I know its only a little thing but it is HUGE to me!! So thanks heaps girls!! I can't wait till we meet IRL. Look out!!

Other than that, not much else happened. Quite a relaxing weekend really. Lit the fireplace tonight for the first time this winter. It makes winter a bit more bearable with a beautiful, warm fire going!!

Well, better go and put another log on the fire!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

p.s:- i was peeling some spuds the other night, and as i looked out my kitchen window, i saw this!!


Ali :-) said...

Hey you!!!

I had a ball chatting with you and the girls Friday night too!!! You guys make me laugh until my cheeks are sore... you bad bad BAD girls!!! LOL

Gorgeous sunset photo - love pretty sunsets... always make me grin like a moron LOL

SO can't wait to meet you IRL!!! Tell me the when and where and I'll be there!

Take care, matey!!!
Ali :o)

ps - you gotta do that double-dog-dare... I wanna see a photo of you!!!

Toni said...

Chars that photo is just gorgeous.

And I'm so sad I missed the fun Saturday night... hopefully this weekend....

Micaela said...

Stunning photo Char!

That is one thing I really miss about Yarraman, the wood fires! All we have up here is the reverse cycle air con, and we've been using it this week! Suprisingly! :D

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