Its SOOOO Cold today...........

I have had the gas heater going all day the last few days. Just chewing up the gas - its just lucky that we sell the stuff. It's quite appropriate actually that we sell gas. Darryl and his dad make enough gas between them out of their keep the whole of Queensland going for the next 1o years!!!!
So i think i might light the fireplace today and have that going as well. Its just so cold. And our house - being an old farmhouse - is so so cold. We have old wooden floorboards which have gaps so big between each one you could fit your finger in (well, not quite - but it sure feels like it when the westerly winds come blowing up thru them!!) lol :0)

I am also going to do some ironing today. And for those that know me, I DO NOT IRON, unless i need it to wear right then!! I am only doing it keep warm, lol!!
I am so cold i am wearing a beanie and a scarf while i am typing now!! It's hilarious. You should see me!! Ummm.....actually no, you wouldn't want to - i look hideous!!

Well i hope you are warm........i am trying........(((think warm thoughts....think warm thoughts.......))))) Aaaahhhhh, better already!!

Took some photo's this morning of Ebony and her new hat and scarf that we got out shopping the other day. She was not co-operating as you can see:>

Such a ratbag!!!

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