((((singing)))) Rain Glorious Rain!!!!

Sssshhh.....Can you hear it?? The pitter patter of rain. What a beautiful sound!!!!

Well, how is your school holidays going? We have my nephew, Calypso, up at the moment from Bris. He usually comes up during the hols for a few days. Jackson and he are the same age and get along like a house on fire! He has an absolute blast up here. He gets to ride tractors and four wheelers, round up the cattle, feed the chooks and get the eggs (although, that sounds like work to me, lol!) We are going to the movies tomorrow in Kingaroy to see Shrek 3, and then Macca's, so that should be fun!

Also today i am starting a 365 photo a day challenge. I have to take a photo a day for the next 365 about me or what i'm doing. Now that is going to be a huge challenge especially as i never take photo's of me. So a MASSIVE thanks goes to Pip for setting this challenge. I can't wait to see how it turns out! (I will have to get out my old camera, as my other one is still out of action for a few days) So, here goes:

Here's couple of pics of the kids. This one of Jackson was the day we went to the Cooyar Show and Rodeo. He loves his WRANGLER shirt and
Akubra, so of course i needed a photo!

This one of Ebony is one of all time faves!! And, just little secret between you and me - its going to be on a cover of one of our fave scrap mags soon!! So keep an eye out. YAY...I am so excited about it, so so so excited!! (can you tell, he he!!)

Well, that's my news for today. Enjoy the rain..... i know i will!!



Kylie said...

Hi Char
Love the rain too. We dont start school hols until end of this week can't wait.Great photos! Awesome news about Ebony on the front cover!She certainly is a gorgeous little girl you have there & a great photograph youve taken!Cute little cowboy you have there too!
ps: love your backyard.
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Charmaine, just stopping by your blog for the first time. Your little girl is just gorgeous, perfect scrapbooking material. I am so pleased that you are joining the 365 DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE and I will be stopping by regularly to check out your photos.
Enjoy the rain,

Anonymous said...

I too am a first time visitor to your blog and I must say that your kids are gorgeous! Pip's photo challenge will be lots of fun and I can't wait to see everyone photos. Congrats on your mag cover! Can't wait to see it!

Leanne said...

Hi Char, thanks for visiting my blog. I love that photo of Ebony, cannot wait to see her on the front cover, how exciting for you....
Take care and have fun with the challenge
Leanne x x

Micaela said...

Hi Char!
So excited to hear about this challenge, can't wait to see you pics!!
My hols are going great so far, spending every second with Jeff (of course!) We are having beautiful rain up here too, although it wasn't so nice today when we went to the beach. I bet Darryl's happy. Sounds like you're having fun (or Jackson is) with Calypso.
Talk to you soon,
Mic xx

TatumW said...

Congratulations on the cover!!! Woohoo! Love the photo of your little cowboy. Have a fantatstic day, Tatum xx

Toni said...

woohoo on the mag cover Charmaine... will go looking for it!

and good on you for taking the photo challenge!
Enjoy the rain won't you!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Char. Especially love that sepia one of Ebony.

Good luck with the challenge.

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