While i was at home........

Well seeing as i am too sick to go anywhere this weekend, Darryl took the kids up to his parents farm (about 10mins away), so i could have some rest. Isn't he nice! But do you think i could rest while i had all this time to myself!! Oh no, resting was not on the cards!! All i could think of was that this time WILL be spent catching up on emails, surfing the net and of course, scrapbooking!! So thats what i did.

It was great..... No kids yelling they are hungry, no lunches to get. Nothing, but doing what i wanted, when i wanted!! AAaaaahhhhh!!

After all that tho, i only got one layout done. It's of Ebony and her friend Anna. They are the cutest kids - very different - Ebs is a country girl and Anna is a city girl and you can SO tell the difference. They are both the same age (2 weeks apart) but both sweet kids. Here it is:

I just don't think its finished tho. It needs something else. I might put a quote on the side or something.
Anyways, have a great public holiday tomorrow.


Toni said...

woohoo Charmane.... great blog.

Those pictures are just gorgeous ... I especially love your little bit of home.

And I love your layout. So sweet and beautiful.

TatumW said...

Hi Chars! So sorry to hear that the flu got you so you couldn't go to the expo :( Your blog looks great can't wait to see and hear more. Hope that you are feeling better soon hun! Tatum xx

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