On to some other news...... We are going down to Caloundra tomorrow in readiness for Sari's wedding on Saturday. I hope it is warmer than this tho!! Poor girls in their strapless dress.....Bbbrrrr.......i'm shivering just thinking about it! We are staying till Monday so it should be a nice few days break from the farm.

Oh and by the way, Ali, I loved your message. Very official sounding!! You’ll go far, lol!!!!
You nude taking photographer you!!
Till tomorrow,


espresso bean said...

Good luck on your photo challenge! :o)

Micaela said...

Like you've got anything to worry about, you stunner! :)

Have fun at Caloundra, hope it's warm for you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blog Char will keep an eye on you.
Kirsty (boxx gal)

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