Day 2 (and already late!!)

What a day!!! Busy, busy, busy. Having an extra child around, you really notice how extra busy it can get. But they really are such good kids! Had a great time at the movies and then at Macca's after. Of course they all wanted a happy meal with the Shrek toy.

Which brings me to the photo for today. I know its not of me but.........i touched it - does that count???????:

After all the fun, it was shopping. Of course the boys were protesting madly, but we made them come anyways!! But they got ANOTHER treat, so that kept them happy for a while.

Last night Darryls mum came home from her trip overseas. So we went up to see her and see how it all went - you know the drill. The kids were happy to see her anyway! She brought back presents from 'far far away' and the kids were thrilled.

Ebony got a red leather bag from Italy and another red shiny bag from a boot fair in England (now she can add them to the other 492 bags she has in her stash, lol!). Jackson got a Nike soccer ball and an italian team soccer uniform will some guys name on the back. "Totti" - i have never heard of him or even if it IS a him - maybe its a team.....i'm not really up with soccer teams, sorry!!
I got a leather bag and a nice necklace from Italy and a gorgeous bracelet from England and Darryl got some Italian aftershave and a new leather wallet. All in all, it was very thoughtful of dear m-i-l!!

Well, catch you tomorrow

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Micaela said...

Oh wow, sounds like Bev had an awesome time overseas, good on her!

Love your shrek pic, but hope to see some more pics of 'real' people soon :)

Love, M xx

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